Carbon Monoxide is deadly. As humans, we cannot detect carbon monoxide, as it is a completely invisible substance, with no smell or taste whatsoever, making it impossible for us to notice any signs should there be a carbon monoxide leak in our home. Because of this, it is essential to have an alarm fitted that is especially built to alert you if this happens. Without one, you may not notice a leak in time, or at all, and this can cause severe injuries and in many cases, fatalities.



The dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Carbon Monoxide is often referred to as ‘the silent killer’, due to the way it poisons our bodies without any physical presence for us to notice. A lot of the time, people only notice that something’s wrong when it has been in their system for a length of time and has already impacted the way they feel. This may start with things like vomiting, but symptoms can also lead to unconsciousness.

Being exposed to Carbon Monoxide for an amount of time can lead to severe damage of your red blood cells, as it interrupts the oxygen flow in your body and stops your cells from functioning properly. In bad cases, victims can end up with extremely bad health issues, such as brain damage and heart failure, and it is common for people to die from the poisoning.



Why you MUST get an alarm

It is recommended that every home has multiple Carbon Monoxide alarms that are located in different parts of the house. This means that if there was to be a leak, there would be an alarm near to wherever it was coming from, therefore alerting you quicker. However, every home needs at least one detector, as it might just be life saving.

As mentioned at the start of this blogs, we ourselves cannot detect any signs of Carbon Monoxide, so if there was a leak, we wouldn’t know anything about it until symptoms of poisoning started to become more prominent. However, in a lot of cases, this is often too late. If exposed to it for too long, it can lead to death, but even if not this severe, it can have a detrimental effect to your health and body.

We all have fuel-burning appliances in our homes, which is often where Carbon Monoxide leaks stem from. Therefore, every home is at risk. Having an alarm will sound and alert you if there is a leak, allowing you to get out of the house ad call for professional help.


If you’d like to know more about Carbon Monoxide poisoning, or have decided you need a detector fitting into your home, we would be more than happy to help. Just get in touch with us via our contact page and we will respond to you with any information you need or make arrangements to come and get an alarm fitted.