It is common from time to time that we experience problems with ventilation in our homes. This can be for a number of reasons and down to lots of different factors, however quite often when we experience these problems, it can be pretty bothersome and affect our day-to-day lives. Our homes are the place that we spend most of our time, and so it is vital that the air we breathe and that circulates the house is healthy and clean. Excessive moisture, mold and gasses are just a few things that can put our health at risk but not only that, our homes too. One way to keep this under control and prevent such problems from occurring and having an impact on ourselves and our homes, is having extractor fans. This piece of equipment is designed to control ventilation, filter clean air, balance temperatures and much more.

So, we thought we would explain a little more about how extractor fans control ventilation and why they are a great piece of equipment to have installed into your home.


How do extractor fans work

How extractor fans work depends on the scenario and what they are being used for. For example, if it was to control humidity, it would filter out the moist air circulating the room in order to dry it out and prevent any damp or mold. Furthermore, in other scenarios or if they are fitted into areas of your home that face other problems, they are designed to remove smoke, grease or any odours that perhaps you may find when you are cooking. By doing this, it keeps the air clean and fresh and removes any of these things, which is not only better for your health but is also better for your home too, as it prevents any damage, which for example could be caused by dampness, and also helps to keep the place clean.


Ways extractor fans control ventilation in your home

Extractor fans can be fitted just about anywhere in your home. Of course, different rooms in your home are faced with different issues when it comes to ventilation and how clean the air is, however extractor fans are built to pretty much draw out anything bad and extract it from the air. Here are a few ways they can control ventilation in your home…


Controlling humidity

In rooms such as bathrooms, it is natural to experience humidity issues. This can often lead to mould and mildew if we are not careful. Therefore, people opt to have extractor fans fitted into their bathroom in order to keep the humidity under control and prevent it from leading to such problems. This also applies to any other rooms or areas of your house that you struggle with humidity. Having an extractor fan helps ease ventilation and significantly reduce humidity and risk of mould and mildew growing. Whilst there are methods to remove these things, unless the ventilation is controlled (ie by use of an extractor fan) you will never fully erase the problem.


Removing odours

Nobody likes bad odours in their homes. However, they are sometimes unavoidable, and simply come from daily tasks such as cooking. By having an extractor fan in your kitchen, this will quickly extract any odours in order to keep the air clean and fresh. Another great thing about this is that when cooking, it often produces grease which can stay in the air but also stick to surrounding areas such as your walls or kitchen tops. Extractor fans completely erase this problem, as they draw out all of the grease and keep the air a lot more dry so that surrounding areas don’t become moist and have grease sitting on them waiting to be cleaned. A common place to have extractor fans in your kitchen is actually right above your stove, which pretty much removes the odours and grease almost immediately.


No air pollutants

Unfortunately air pollutants are another thing hard to avoid. Although some are more harmful than others, ideally you don’t want them in your home at all, and extractor fans are fantastic for erasing this problem and keeping the air healthy and clean. There is no set place where an extractor fan would be situated best for this, but rather it’s a personal decision as you know best exactly where your home is at most risk of air pollution. For example, perhaps near gas appliances, or if there is a designated outside area where people smoke and you want to keep this from getting into your home. Extractor fans will remove smoke and harmful gasses so that the air remains a clean and healthy space.

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