Electricals and wiring in any property can be a dangerous field, and ensuring that the property is safe and secured in regards to all electrical wiring is essential. Although rewiring a whole property is rather expensive, it is completely necessary that you have it done to ensure that the building is safe and at no harmful risk. Rewiring and safety inspections not only reduce risk of danger but also potential damage, and when wiring becomes damaged, potentially harmful outcomes can come as a result.

So, we wanted to make you aware of the importance of having your property re-wired safely when it is necessary to do so, and some of the risks that can be presented when your property wiring is not looked after.


Safety wiring inspections keep your property secure

Most importantly, rewiring and safety wiring inspections keep your property secure. We strongly advise that you have electrical inspections within your property around every 10 years. Perhaps you have recently moved into a new property and you know that there hasn’t been an inspection in recent years. If you are unsure, we would recommend having an electrical safety inspection so that any potential issues or risks can be spotted, flagged up and fixed before they turn into something more serious.


Every property needs rewiring at some point

On average, we would say that a property such as a family home would need rewiring around every 30 years. By this point, the wiring will most likely be quite old and worn and more prone to problems or not functioning as well as it should be. Wiring naturally deteriorates over the years, or sometimes it can become damaged and lose function or hinder the electricity flow. This often means that you would require a complete re-wiring, and this is compulsory if you want to avoid any trouble or risk of danger in your home. However, age doesn’t necessarily determine the quality and reliability of wiring. Just because it is old, doesn’t mean you must have it all replaced, but with that in mind you must always be aware of any signs that indicate there is a problem with the wiring.


Modern wiring is better quality

If you were to get your property re-wired now, it would mean that it is done with modern materials which are generally a tried and tested improvement. Modern wiring is often more reliable and well manufactured, which is a good reason to have your property re-wired. This is because modern wiring is coated with stronger and more durable materials, usually PVCu, whereas older wiring is usually insulated with materials such as dated rubber, fabric or lead.  


Problems caused by faulty wiring

Speaking of more minor problems, faulty wiring may cause things such as tripping out the electricity or blowing fuses. If this is a frequent occurrence in your household we would advise that you contact a professional for advice or a safety inspection. Although more of an unlikely case, when wiring is really faulty or damaged and is left without repair, it can actually lead to much more serious issues such as starting fires. Therefore, any sign of faults in your wiring should never be ignored and you should always call out an electrician to assess the situation.

To find out more or if you would like us to safely rewire your property or carry out an inspection, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!